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Ignite your financial freedom with a custom financial plan that considers all aspects of your life so you never feel lost on the mountain. We’ll guide you through each step of the journey and help you anticipate what’s coming up so you can make important decisions for your money and use your assets to enjoy your life.

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Protect your business’s financial growth and empower your employees with our full range of corporate services. You all work hard, make sure everyone can play harder.


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Create financial freedom with a holistic financial plan that helps you achieve your unique goals. We’re committed to finding solutions that work for you.


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We build holistic financial plans with zero agenda so you can have peace of mind that your finances are taken care of and you can experience long-term financial success.

Everything we recommend to you is selected because it contributes to your plan and fulfills your goals.

We also say every financial plan needs a drink. We’ve got this next round.

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Our recommendations will help you understand what’s going on with it so you can make choices that work for you.

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We’re committed to giving 1% of our annual revenue to environmental causes as a member of 1% For The Planet. With their partners, they fund many environmental organizations across the globe and aid in finding efficient solutions to the world’s problems.

After all, BlackDiamond is inspired both in name and mission by Sean’s Idahoian, outdoorsy, snowboarding roots. We love to give back to this world that’s given us so much.

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