Small enough to be a partner in creating your team’s
long-term financial success.

Large enough to carve out programs for every person in your business. 

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Protect your business and your future. With risk management, we’ve got your back so you can focus on what’s ahead. 


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Have peace of mind that the retirement plans you offer meet regulation standards and avoid costly mistakes. We’ll also advise your employees on ways to prepare based on their goals.

Retirement Plans

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Whatever your business needs, we’ll find a complete solution for your employees. These benefits can potentially be offered through your business at no cost to the company. You’ll save money, time, and stress and everyone will benefit (see what we did there).

Group Benefits

Like that “after a long day on the mountain” feeling, there could be some pain points and stress when selecting benefits for your company and employees. At BlackDiamond we have plenty of solutions to ensure your benefits meet all of your employees needs. Grab a cocktail and let’s co-design your current and future employee benefits.

Enhance security and offer peace of mind with protection for your key executives or business partners. 

Executive Carve Out For Business Owners 

Protect your employees with support that works as hard as they do. These can be offered through your business at no cost to the company.

Group Benefits for Employees

Work with us and our partners to guarantee your retirement plan meets regulation standards and fulfills the needs of everyone in your company.

Retirement Plans

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Non-Qualified Deferred Comp

Defined Benefits Plans

Profit Sharing Plans


401(k) Plans

Supplemental Group Long-Term Disability Insurance

Group Long-Term Disability Insurance

Supplemental and/or Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

Group Life Insurance

(*offered through BlackDiamond Insurance Services)

Commercial Property and Casualty*

Executive Carve Out Long Term Disability

Buy-Sell Insurance

Business Overhead Expense Insurance

Key Man Insurance

Life and Disability Insurance

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